Carolyn Spring is the Director of PODS and developed dissociative identity disorder (DID) as a result of organised abuse in childhood.

After studying at Cambridge University, she worked for a number of years in Children’s Social Care supporting at-risk families and caring for children who had suffered abuse and neglect. She also has a background in business, having been involved in running small businesses for a number of years, with experience in marketing, website design, IT and training.

Carolyn’s main passion is writing and she is the author of Recovery is my best revenge: my experience of trauma, dissociation and recovery. She has been published in range of publications as well as in PODS’ own magazine/journal Multiple Parts, which she also edits.

Carolyn founded PODS in 2010 having spent a number of years working hard to recover from an overwhelming dissociative breakdown. Prior to this breakdown, she worked for nearly 15 years as a therapeutic foster carer, looking after 22 children, and during this time completed a number of courses on trauma, attachment, child development, domestic violence and sexual abuse. Carolyn is a keen student and has also taken courses in psychology, counselling and linguistics. She reads and researches extensively on an ongoing basis, ensuring that she is up-to-date with all the latest thinking and developments in the field of trauma and dissociation.

Carolyn is an articulate and engaging speaker and is passionate about making complex theory simple, applicable and relevant. To read about what other people think of her training, please visit our testimonials page.


Recovery is my best revenge (paperback)

Carolyn Spring

Speaker & Author

I have attended many training days/workshop events in the four decades when I have worked in NHS, Social Care, and Education, and I cannot remember such ever attending such a brilliant workshop. I thought it was well structured, with clear comprehensive information, excellent visual aids, and handouts, knowledgeable presenter who clearly knew her topic, I thought she was dynamic. I was kept fully engaged with the information provided and the day just flew. The way the information was delivered, and the way the day was structured was very clever.


Working with Relational Trauma, Bradford, May 2017

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